Chateau la Cour - The Garden

The Potager

The Potager is an integral part of any visit to Chateau La Cour. It’s a place where you can sit in the summer at peace with nature and enjoy the garden’s varied birdlife. More importantly, it is fundamental to all the meals we serve our guests.

Inspired by kitchen gardens we have visited in England and France, we have created an environment that is not only productive but also pleasing to the eye. The centrepiece is a statue surrounded by plantings of box and lavender. Around this focal point are eight symmetrical beds for vegetables, flowers and salads. At each corner climbing roses are grown on pyramids. In addition there are raised beds for strawberries, asparagus, french beans and salad crops.

Chateau la Cour - The Garden

The Gardens

Elsewhere in the garden there are a number of other interesting and attractive features. A 200 year old bread oven that was used to bake for the household. Lots and lots of planters to add colour and interest throughout the summer. Plenty of places to sit and relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the Suisse Normande. Abundant birdlife including lots of nesting swallows and house martins, a pair of kestrels that nest in the walls of the house every year and a chance to see barn owls that often breed in the ancient pigeonnier.